Plan Your Visit - Our First Time Guest VIP Experience

Did you know that when you invite someone to church, they can plan their first visit with us?

  • If you're not familiar with the plan your visit experience, here's an overview of what it is: First time guests can go to and select "Plan Your Visit". After they register, they will experience VIP treatment from our teams the Sunday they attend. Our parking team parks our guests in a VIP parking spot. They walk them in to our Welcome team who introduces them to a few team members and gets them a fresh, hot cup of coffee. After that, we make sure (if they have kids) that they have a smooth, easy check-in with our kids team, and that our guests are all set up and ready to enjoy service.

  • Why is this helpful for you to know? Inviting someone to church can be a little intimidating. Attending a new church can also be scary. The Plan Your Visit experience is here to help give you the tools to invite your friends to church. You can strike up a conversation and say things like "we make it so easy for you to attend, and we will even give you the VIP treatment if you come check it out". This helps keep the conversation fun and exciting. For our guests, it lets them know what to expect and hopefully relieves some of their nervousness about checking out a new church.

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