Start A group

Starting a group is EASY. In fact, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Grab a couple of friends.
Decide when and where you'll meet.
Check out our leader onboarding below and register your group!

Leader Onboarding

Get the essentials for group leading to start your group off strong.

C3 Groups FAQ

How long is the commitment for leading a  Group? 

We ask our groups to meet a season at a time (around 12 weeks). Groups can choose how often they want to meet. Some groups meet weekly, others meet bi-weekly. After each season ends, it’s up to you and your group to decide whether you will continue meeting at the start of the next season.

What if my group wants to keep meeting, but I want to step out of leading the group?

Whether you continue leading your group or not, you should always have someone in your group that you are raising up to be a future leader. You can either hand your leadership role to the person you have raised up, or if no one steps up to lead the group, your group members can sign up for different groups at the beginning of the next season.

What if no one signs up for my group?

The Group Directory should be used as a secondary tool for adding people to your group. Inviting people you know and people that you meet is the number one way to add people to your group. Don't wait for them to come to you, go to them!

What Should I do for Childcare?

It is up to each group to provide childcare for their group. Some groups hire a babysitter, others take turns, and others include their kids into their groups. There is a detailed guide in the groups playbook that will go over all your options!