Day 10 - 21 Day Fast

Day 10 - Pray for Increase

Psalm 50:9-12, Matthew 9:36-38, Matthew 6:19-33

Did you know the God who created the universe cares deeply about your individual needs as well as the collective needs of our church? 

Psalm 50:10 describes God as owning the cattle on a thousand hills. In other words, God owns everything. So if we need something, all we need to do is ask. 

When we’re overwhelmed by the needs of people around us, we remember Jesus’ words in Matthew 9 and ask the Lord to send out workers into his harvest field. When we’re worried about money, we remember Jesus’ promise in Matthew 6 that if God clothes the grass, he will also take care of us. 

God will never run out or get run down. We can’t exhaust His generosity because generous is who He is. 

  • Where have you seen God increase your life this year? Have you experienced growth relationally, spiritually, financially, or emotionally?  

  • Before asking for increase in any area of life, examine how you’re stewarding what you’ve already been given. Where have you been a good steward? Where does your stewardship need to be stretched?

  • What are the financial needs in your home and at your church? Ask God to provide for that need, no matter how big or small.

  • Spend a few minutes listening to where God wants to increase you this year.

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