The C3 Podcast - It's finally here!

The C3 Podcast has officially launched!

 Our goal is to create a space to share inspiring stories from our community, and to encourage you to live a life full of compassion, community, and commitment.

We are so excited to share this with our entire church family and community. We'd love your help in generating awareness and engagement with The C3 Podcast, so we can reach more people with the love of Jesus.

Here's how you can help:

STEP 1: Follow/Subscribe on every podcast platform you're a part of.
  • The C3 Podcast is LIVE on all podcast platforms. Here are several links:
    • Apple/iTunes -
    • Spotify -
    • On the C3 App -

STEP 2: Rate and Write a Review
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STEP 3: Share with your friends and family via text and social media
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