Day 11 - 21 Day Fast

Day 11 - Pray for C3 Kids

Matthew 19:13-15, Psalm 78:4-6

Jesus wants to connect with kids just as much as He wants to connect with us. In fact, there’s a lot we can learn from kids about faith when we welcome them as Jesus did. 

C3 Kids exists so kids can experience Jesus on their level. In C3 Kids, children from birth through fifth grade come to a safe environment with age-appropriate, creative, and fun Bible teaching. It’s a place where relationships with other kids and leaders can be established. 

The goal is that kids would be engaged, have fun, and be excited about church. By making a space for kids, we’re making a way for kids to come to know all the reasons we love God and He loves them.  

  • Each week, volunteers across the state sing, dance, play, and teach kids about Jesus. Who are some of the people who invested in you as a kid? Thank God for them. 

  • When you think of kids, your own or someone else’s, what comes to mind? Do you get stressed and lack patience? 

  • How might your community look different if more people knew Jesus and started following Him as children? Ask God to bring kids to a saving understanding of who Jesus is through the lessons they experience in C3 Kids. 

  • Who are the kids in your life? Whether you birthed them, adopted them, or love them as your own, when’s the last time you asked God what He would have you pray for your kids? Before they were “ours,” they were His. Sit for a minute and wait for the Lord to speak to you about the kids you love. 

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Danielle Milliken - January 14th, 2021 at 9:06pm

Our family is SO thankful for C3 Kids! Thanks to the team for all you do!